Pest Control Tips for Checking Signs of Termite Damage

Many houses are at risk of getting damaged by a variety of pests. There are many kinds of pests that are possible hazards at home. One of them is the termite. It is very necessary for people to perform St. Charles pest control on the house to eliminate the termites that have grown in population within the house.

Controlling the population of the termites is one of the best ways to eliminate the hazards caused to the house. He should be able to find several techniques that will allow him to keep the population at a low-key or to a nil. It is definitely far better for the homeowner to have a house that is not infested with these termites.

When it comes to controlling the population of these pests, the first thing that needs to be done is to determine whether an infestation has already happened or not. He needs to find signs that show the existence of such pests. Here are some of the signs that the homeowner should look for when it comes to searching for termites.

First of all, the existence of even a single termite is already a sign that an infestation has started or about to start. The existence of the termite is regardless of whether that termite is dead or alive. He should be all the more wary if the termite that he has found is a winged one since this is a sure sign of a subterranean termite infestation.

The most common place where he can find termites are those places which have light. Termites swarm at places with light, after all. This is oftentimes the case so the termites can be easily found near doors, vents, windows, and lighting fixtures. If the homeowner is experiencing termite swarm, this only means to say that he is already experiencing termite problems.

Mud tubes are another thing to worry about. This is a kind of tube that is made by the termites themselves. This actually serves as the habitat for those pesky termites. The characteristic of the mud tubes is that they are muddy. They also have a flatted appearance which almost looks like the width of a drinking straw.

To look for these mud tubes, he should start with looking at those cracks in the house. He should also look at beneath the flooring or around the baseboards. It is also possible for the person to find these mud tubes in pipes, chimneys, piers, plumbing, behind siding, and other house fixtures. Even concrete foundations oftentimes have these mud tubes.

Be careful of hollow woods too. This is one of the easiest to spot signs of termite infestation. The person will have to tap on the wood along the walls using a screwdriver handle. Of course, he will do so for every few inches. He should be able to find damaged wooden walls if he can hear a hollow sound.

Those areas that are extremely damaged will easily break too. Oftentimes, people will move out of their house if the infestation already reaches such a stage. The person should do proper St. Charles pest control before the infestation reaches this stage.